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Resort Program Highlights

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​Workers Compensation Highlights

  • For premiums under $50,000 non-auditable  (not available for new ventures)
  • For premiums over $50,000 or new ventures not subject to a minimum & deposit
  • First dollar coverage for GL/liquor and assault & battery
  • $1,000,000 assault & battery included with defense outside the limit
  • Broadening GL endorsement included
  • Comprehensive property enhancement form included 
  • 1% rate to include terrorism
  • Soft firearm exclusion that does not apply to patrons
  • HNOA included
  • Umbrella following form including assault and battery
  • Special programs for franchise operations

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Hospitality Program Highlights

  • A+XV admitted paper
  • GL non auditable
  • $5,000,000 policy aggregate
  • No assault and battery exclusion
  • Comprehensive property enhancement and broadening GL endorsement
  • Umbrella limits up to 25mil on a single layer
  • Work comp available 
  • Quarterly payments with no interest

  • Nationwide availability 
  • Wide array of A+ carriers
  • Aggressive rating
  • All classes considered
  • High mod programs available
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Numerous PEO plans for those accounts that do not qualify in the traditional marketplace 
  • First dollar and deductible plans available